Oktober 28, 2016

Anabole Diät

Anabole Diät / Anabolic Diet is the best diet  to lose fat while building muscle!

Abstract Anabolic diet

Anabolic diet anabolic diet increase the level of anabolic hormones like growth hormone and testosterone!

Result: Fast muscle growth combined with increased fat burning!

Benefits Anabole Diät / Anabolic diet  at a glance:

  • increased levels of  anabolic hormones  such as  growth hormone  and  testosterone
  • Muscle build-up while fat reduction
  • increased  fat burning
  • Increase  the  good HDL cholesterol
  • Decrease  the  bad LDL cholesterol
  • better  general well-being  (more strength, energy and vital motivation)
  • Improving
  • perfect for people with  gluten or lactose intolerance
  • less hunger
  • lower diabetes and caries risk
  • better  blood levels    

What happens in the body or why does the anabolic diet work?

The anabolic diet is almost entirely on carbohydrates . The main ingredients of daily food intake are fats and proteins . Carbohydrates are limited to 30g per day ! These 30g should never be exceeded. This can cause the body to fly out of the so-called ketosis we want to reach. The vastly increased fat burning can begin!

What is ketosis and what brings you?

Normally, the human body covers its energy needs from the degradation of carbohydrates to glucose. The body can store glycogen. About 500g. Approximately 25% of this is stored in the human liver, the rest in the muscles. The glycogen reserves in the liver serve to maintain the blood glucose level. If a person carbohydrate is full Although his complete glycogen stores are full , the excess carbohydrates in the fat deposits of the body stored. At the same time, insulin is released, which promotes the transfer of fat into the fat deposits of the body.If you dispense with carbohydrates, then the body will first empty all its glycogen stores, since it requires energy and then resort to a different energy source. Since we have an anabolic diet, the body has only available macronutrients such as fat and protein. He must now switch his metabolism from carbohydrate metabolism to lipid metabolism. This is done by the body now making ketone bodies from fatty acids. For this to work, the metabolism of man must first form some enzymes. It can lead to headache, fatigue or weakness in the first days of the anabolic diet. After this process, the metabolism is now completely CallCall to fat metabolism and the body is now gaining its energy from fat .Since you now only eat a maximum of 30g of carbohydrates per day, the body’s insulin level is on a healthy, low level all day, which burns your fat optimally all day and does not start any more!

2 Phase Principle Anabolic Diet / Anabolic Diet?

The Anabolic Diet in 2 phases . The anabolic phase and the refeed phase . Both phases have Their uses and must be compliance are . When the anabolic phase begins, the anabolic phase should be 12 days . This means that less than 30 g of carbohydrate should be consumed during this phase. This is to change the metabolism optimally to fat burning. Subsequently, the 2 phase, the refeed phase with 1 to max. 2 days . This is used to refill the empty muscle glycogen stores, so you will have enough power during your workout.Since you are in this phase consumes lots of carbohydrates, but little fat, the metabolism will not change back to carbohydrates , but will remain during fat metabolism . After the first phase of the anabolic phase, the first phase of the anabolic phase is 5-6 days followed by phase 2 (refeed phase) 1-2 days. I personally advise people to make the bad or slow fat the anabolic phase every 10 days and then make 1 day the refeed phase. This gives me much better and faster results.


Macronutrient Distribution Anabole Diät / Anabolic Diet:

No.1 Anabolic phase:

Fat: 60-65%

Carbohydrates: 0-5%

Protein: 30-35%

Here, there is a room to play, because you do not always have the perfect food at home to reach the optimal macronutrient distribution. In addition, one should test the distribution with the body gets better. For example, I am perfectly happy with 65% / 30% / 5% and friends of mine even go up to 70% fat. As I said, everybody is different. Important is your staying below 30g of carbohydrates. For example, I burn bad or slow fat, so I usually stay below 20g of carbohydrates. These 10g differences have helped me burn even better fat.

No.2 Refeed Phase:

Fat: 5-10%

Carbohydrates: 60-65%

Protein: 30-35%

Here, too, there is a playroom. You have to test what works best for you. Important: Stay under 10% fat, because too much fat in combination with too many carbohydrates. For me, 10% / 60% / 30% works best. And best of all, you’ll be able to get a good dose of your calorie intake on this day by about 150-300 kcal, to the anabolic phase.

Here  click  on the Anabolic Diet Plan!

Anabole Diät / Anabolic diet and fluid intake?

You should always take enough liquid. Especially when you have a lot of sports, it’s all the more important to drink more. I recommend you to take at least 3-4 liters of liquid a day. Best still water, this is the healthiest. If you are looking for something sweet, then I can put you warmest and / or Zero products for the Anabolic diet. These drinks help me especially when I have time for something sweet. But do not exaggerate it with light products. These products can have a laxative effect when consumed excessively. And if you sit on the toilet all the time, the anabolic diet will not bring you anything!

Anabole Diät / Anabolic Diet and the Refeed-Day! Why should I be a refeed day?

A little further, I have already explained how the macronutrient distribution should look during the refeed phase. But why should you make the refeed day? Quite simply: during every diet,  the hormone production decreases due to the limited calorie intake. In the anabolic diet as well, but significantly less than in other diets. To be able to do this, you need to take a few minutes to get your hormones to your heart, (Noun, masculine) (also: physical, mental, physical, physical, physical, mental, physical, by „recharging“ with carbohydrates , the glycogen stores are  replenished in the muscleand you will not notice any more, but the optics become visibly plump. A great feeling. Last but not least, the Refeed-Day is also important from the psychological point of view for the Anabolic Diet . Sometimes you just feel like carbs and if you know there is a day when i can eat carbohydrates, then did can be supportive for the Anabolic Diet!

My progress / diary for my last anabolic diet 2016:

Anabolic Diet 2016 / Duration 8 weeks


Date: 04.04.2016

Weight: 100 kg

Belly circumference: 102 cm

Arm circumference (right / left tensioned without pump): 43.5 cm / 43.1 cm

KFA share: approx.16%


Date: 11.04.2016 (2nd week Anabolic Diet)

Weight: 97 kg (In the first week the weight loss is always the best, as all the water goes out of the body.)

Belly circumference: 96.5 cm

Arm circumference (right / left tensioned without pump): 43.5 cm / 43.1 cm

KFA share: ca.15%

Date: 18.04.2016 (3rd week Anabolic Diet)

Weight: 95.5 kg

Belly circumference: 95 cm

Arm circumference (right / left tensioned without pump): 43.3 cm / 43.0 cm

KFA share: approx.14.5%


Date: 25.04.2016 (4th week Anabolic Diet)

Weight: 94.5 kg

Belly circumference: 94 cm (The loss of the belly circumference,

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KFA share: approx. 14%

Date: 02.05.2016 (5th week Anabolic Diet)

Weight: 93 kg

Belly: 92.8 cm

Arm circumference (right / left tensioned without pump): 43.0 cm / 42.8 cm

KFA share: approx. 13.05%


Date: 09.05.2016 (6th week Anabolic diet)

Weight: 93 kg (No weight loss, but loss of book volume, ie the body composition has changed.) Anabolic diet continues!

Belly: 92 cm

Arm circumference (right / left tensioned without pump): 42.8 cm / 42.6 cm

KFA share: approx. 13%

Date: May 16, 2016 (7th week Anabolic Diet)  (Here I reduce the nutrient intake again by 250 kcal!)

Weight: 91.5 kg

Belly: 91 cm

Arm circumference (right / left tensioned without pump): 42.8 cm / 42.6 cm

KFA share: approx. 12%


Date: 23-May-2016 (8th week of Anabolic Diet) (In the last week,

Weight: 90 kg

Belly circumference: 90.2 cm

Arm circumference (right / left tensioned without pump): 42.8 cm / 42.6 cm

KFA share: approx. 08.10%


Results after 8 weeks Anabolic Diet:

Weight: From 100 kg to 90 kg. (-10 kg)

Belly: From 102 cm to 90.2 cm. (-11.8 cm)

Arm circumference (right / left stretched without pump): From 43.5 cm / 43.1 cm to 42.8 cm / 42.6 cm. (-0.7 cm / -0.5 cm)

KFA share: approx. 16% to 10.8%. (-5.2%)


Conclusion: The anabolic diet ran smoothly during the week, which gave me a good end result. The summer is coming and I can make a good figure on the beach!

My personal life experience report after several years Anabolic Diet:

The Anabolic Diet for me personally is the best diet ever . I am very good with this form of diet. Clearly, the Anabolic Diet is not easy. You should stick to the rules and do not adapt the macronutrient distribution too much to yourself. Many people have a lot of people around the world. In my opinion, this is only a matter of character . For most people, the first week is always the most difficult week at all , but once you have done the first week of the diet, the rest is a children’s game. If you have any problems with the use of this medicine, you should contact your doctor or pharmacist. It is so that by the carbohydrates on the refeed-day the insulin level rises and falls, so that it comes here rather to hot throats . Cheating Day is coming. I have so far completed the anabolic diet completely Call me always received praise for my results . So many friends and acquaintances of mine, which have the necessary motivation, the will and the attitude , so achieve superperformance with the anabolic diet. I use the anabolic diet to lose my stomach. Conclusion: The Anabolic Diet is always worth a try and whoever has the necessary motivation, the will and the attitude.